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Commercial and Residential Asbestos Testing & Inspection Services. Astech offer Asbestos Surveys (Management & Refurb/Demolition), Asbestos Clearances (Class A & B) and associated Air Monitoring, Asbestos Management Plans and Awareness Training.

´╗┐The SES management team have over 50 years of experience in both asbestos removal and demolition, ranging from oil/gas refineries (onshore/offshore), power stations, coal, gas and nuclear, hospitals, military sites to large and small scale office buildings to residential.

´╗┐Environmental and Workplace Hazard Monitoring Solutions. Anywhere a detectable hazard exists, we can provide you with the correct monitoring solution.


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Auckland based IANZ accredited laboratory that specializes in Asbestos Testing (Airborne Fibre Counting, Asbestos Identification, Fibre Discrimination)

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